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e-commerce design and social media campaigns


visual system, responsive web, ecommerce site, social media design & management


Matyodesign is a small hungarian fashion brand. They specialize in hand-made products and they make embroidered clothes. The mission to keep the Matyo culture as Unesco World Heritage alive with ethical business practices. 


In the past they worked with resellers, but now they wanted to build their own website and sell directly to their customers.

80% of their products were sold through distributors, online sales were less then 20%. 

The goal was to increase online sales to 80%.


I had to build the website from scratch because the old website was outdated in terms of design and structure. They didn’t have good images of the products.


First, I had to get information about the company, its mission, products, its uniqueness.
We identified the most popular products and the feature products.

After that I made a wireframe and prototypes of responsive website and after testing I built the final website in wordpress.


All in all, the client is very satisfied, we had changed the road of users and increased online sales greatly.

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